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Delta help investors Centra Tech!
Techcrunch News: 3 Co-Founders of Centra Tech Charged with $32 Mln Securities Fraud!
Nechesov Andrey owner Delta wish help!
Owner of Delta and blockchain developer of Centra wish help investors of Centra!
Investors can convert Centra on Delta tokens!
Send CTR directly on address and get DELTA tokens!
ETH: 0x788c45dd60ae4dbe5055b5ac02384d5dc84677b0
1 CTR = 1 DELTA!!!
Hello, my name Andrey Nechesov. Sam Sharma CEO Centra.Tech ordered in my company 2 smart contracts for Centra tech and i developed contracts, but i didn't know about SCAM CENTRA ICO. Now i read what Sam and 2 co-founders centra was charged in $32 Mln. I wish help investors of Centra and create a new offer - convert Centra tokens on Delta tokens. Price: 1 Centra = 1 Delta. Then, when we start DELTA cryptocurrency you can change Delta on any cryptocurrency.
If you want buy DELTA Tokens!
Send ETH directly on address and get DELTA tokens!
ETH: 0xF85A2E95FA30d005F629cBe6c6d2887D979ffF2A
1 ETH on Pre-ICO = 1000 DELTA tokens!!!
Was developed by Nechesov Andrey & PRCR Company!
See top comments in Centra contract code!
On also we set information about convertation Centra on Delta!